Hatuma has a full blending facility and range of products to tailor blends to fit your nutrient requirements and budget.  

All three Hatuma sites can blend multiple products with your order to tailor your nutrient requirements.This makes us your one-stop place for all your sustainable fertiliser and trace element needs. Products include Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate®, FuturepHos®, lime, high sulphur products, potash, sustainable nitrogen products and a full range of trace elements.

Hatuma is the only lime company in the Central and Lower North Island with a team of local Field Representatives ready to give advice on how to get the best from your soil and herbage, and to assist you with all your sustainable nutrient requirements.

So to start your conversation today talk to one of our Hatuma Field Representatives or by calling Hatuma on 0800 80 65 65.