A family business, Aaron Topp, Helen Topp and Managing Director, Clifford Topp

About us

Family-owned Hatuma Lime Company Ltd is spread over three quarry sites on the East Coast and one satellite depot in Marton. The company was first established in 1932 and quickly grew to be one of the biggest suppliers of agricultural lime in the country. Since 1962 the Hatuma name has become synonymous with farm sustainability driven by the successful use of Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate® and lime on thousands of farms throughout the country. The third generation is now involved in the business and are dedicated to ensuring Hatuma meets the diverse needs of the modern farmer.

Hatuma Lime Company

520 Maharakeke Rd, Waipukurau

First established in 1932 by a group of Wellington market gardeners looking for a high grade of limestone they could rail to their gates. It was here in 1962 that Joe Topp made his first tonnes of Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate commercially available. His son, Clifford, started working at Hatuma in 1964 and took the product through the next thirty years, seeing the second millionth tonne sold.

Waipawa Site

Tikokino Rd, Waipawa

Hatuma Lime Company established this quarry in 1957. It started manufacturing Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate® from the 1970s to help supply the local market. Today product from this site is transported far and wide throughout the North Island.

Mauriceville Site

1331 Opaki Kaiparoro Rd, Mauriceville

Established in 1916, Mauriceville is the oldest lime company in the Wairarapa. Joe Topp had
successfully managed the site between 1942 and 1952, so gladly took the opportunity to amalgamate it when it was offered by its Directors to Hatuma Lime Company in 1977. This site has since spent its time manufacturing and supplying Wairarapa, Wellington, Tararua and the West Coast of the North Island with lime and Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate®.

The Hatuma difference

Hatuma is the only lime company with a team of local Field Representatives ready to give advice on how to get the best from your soil and herbage, and to assist you with all your sustainable nutrient requirements.

Each Hatuma Lime Company site has a mixing plant and a full range of extra fertiliser products and trace elements on hand to make it easy for you and your contractor to get your fertiliser needs sorted.

Proven on farm. Hatuma is the only lime company to invest over $1m making sure the products and advice we provide will give you the best return while protecting the environment.

We take Health and Safety very seriously. All our manufacturing and site staff are constantly being upskilled and qualified to ensure Hatuma exceeds all Worksafe NZ requirements. This means a higher level of quality with everything we despatch.

Operator and pilot safety are very important to us so we stand by the quality of our products. If any Hatuma product is ever questioned at the time of application we will replace it.

We’re a family business like you. Need assistance? Hatuma’s customer services team are on-hand to get you sorted.

Call us on 0800 80 65 65 and let’s get started.